Prior Workshops

Snake Awareness Workshops

Our first Perth workshop for 2019 was Snake Awareness and Bite Management Training presented by Bob Cooper from Bob Cooper Outback Survival, along with Jim and Andrea Williams sharing their personal experience surviving a snake bite. This workshop, held at Astron Environmental Office on 1st February was open to GEMG members, as well as members of the public, and aimed at anyone that may encounter a snake in their work, home or recreational environment and would like basic skills for awareness and survival.


Following the success of the first workshop, the GEMG held further workshops in Perth throughout the year. Participants of the workshops learnt a lot of practical skills that the GEMG hopes will better equip them to raise awareness with others and deal with any snake bite related emergency situations that they may come across.


National Malleefowl Recovery Team and Wildlife Carers Sundowner

Our first Kalgoorlie Sundowner for 2019 was held on the 7th June at the 3b bar in Boulder. Members got together to enjoy an afternoon of networking, drinks, nibbles and a special presentation from the National Malleefowl Recovery Team. The GEMG has previously helped to sponsor the National Malleefowl Recovery program, and it was great to get an update. GEMG members were also lucky enough to have their queries on wildlife first aid or care answered by local wildlife carers Elaine and Alan. 


Mine Closure Conference Sundowner

The second Kalgoorlie Sundowner for 2019, held at The Miners Rest, involved members getting together for some casual drinks and nibbles, withthe opportunity to discuss mine closure with Associate Professor José F. Martín Duque, Complutense University of Madrid and Geosciences Institute, Spain. José and Harley Lacy were in Kalgoorlie following the Mine Closure Conference, and GEMG members enjoyed the opportunity for a discussion around mine closure with these leading experts.