The first GEMG Photo Competition was an exciting process for the Committee. Unsure of how well it would be received and the quality of the entries had us on edge. But, no sooner had we sent out the first announcement to our members and we already had exceptional entries rolling in. 

Next hurdle of course was how do we choose just one? Well we couldn’t, so the multiple winners are listed below and their incredible photos are displayed throughout this website. 

1st Place

  • Tari Pawlyk, Salt Aerial 

2nd Place

  • Mat Lyons, Regis Thorny Devil

3rd Place

  • Josh Matthews Resilience

4th Place Tied

  • Casey Hansen, Camouflage of the Desert
  • Clare Ryall, Core Yard Sunrise
  • Kristy Bodycoat, Untitled

5th Place Tied

  • Andy Laurenson, Two-Toned Wolf Spider
  • Catherine Wharton, Grevillea Sunrise