Current Projects


The GEMG can provide funding for projects that improve environmental knowledge and understanding, promote environmental sustainability, enhance and protect the natural environment, and are relevant to our members.

GEMG 2023 Research Funding Round

The 2023 GEMG Research Funding Round is currently open and provides up to $10,000 sponsorship for environmental research projects relevant to the GEMG. To apply please download the Application Form and review all the Terms and Conditions to ensure the project meets the Funding Criteria. Applications must be submitted via email by 01/02/2023. 

The GEMG has provided funding for the following projects to assist with research studies, to help promote environmental awareness, and to help local groups and organisations remain sustainable.


‘Rewilding The West’  will be a documentary series about the profound re-connection with nature and the environment, that comes from volunteering for conservation programs. It aims to improve environmental knowledge and help viewers understand what’s at risk of extinction in the southern half of Western Australia, and what is being done to protect the natural environment. 

Many other organisations have helped fund the filming and editing including ‘Gilbert’s Potoroo Action Group’ and ‘Friends of the Western Ground Parrot’. The GEMG’s contribution of $10,000 will help towards editing the series together, which will hopefully be completed by June 2022.

For more information regarding this documentary and updates, please visit